Download the Flash player in order to see this Dinosaur Animation.
Download the Flash player in order to see this Dinosaur Animation.
Download the Flash player in order to see this Dinosaur Animation.

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Free Dinosaur Games

Browse through this huge list of fun things to do.

Here you will find a large collection of free dinosaur games for your enjoyment. Don't expect them to be scientifically correct or to provide much educational value, however, if you'd like to have some real dinosaur fun, crack on and try some of our free dinosaur games. We've got 45 of them in our collection. This will keep you busy for quite some time. When you're done, why not check our dinosaur facts, which, unlike these online games are actually both fun and educational.

Dino Drop
Dino Drop Game
Dinosaur Juego Recognize
Recognize a Dinosaur
Prehisto Riks 3
Prehisto Riks 3
Prehisto Riks 2
Prehisto Riks 2
Prehisto Riks 1
Prehisto Riks 1 Game
Escape the Jurassic Park
Escape from Jurassic Park
Dino Rush
Dino Rush Game
Hunga Hatch
Hunga Hatch Eggs
Chewits Monster
Chewits Monster Eater
Free Dinosaur Game Facts
Dinosaur Facts Game
Solarsaurs Extinction Game
Solarsaurs Extinction
Dino Blitz
Free Dino Blitz Game
Dinosaur Jigsaw Game
Online Dinosaur Jigsaw
Free Dinosaur Game Ice Age
Ice Age Flash Game
Pterodactyl Game
Last Dinosaur
Last Free Dinosaur Game
Dinosaur Fighter
Dino Fighter
T-Rex BMX Riding Game
Ride a BMX
Free Dinosaur Game Jigsaw
Free Dinosaur Jigsaw
Dinosaur Fishing Flash
Fishing Game
Dino Dig Game
DinoDig Flash
Battle of Giants Monsters
Battle of Giants
Battle of Aztecs
Battle of Aztecs
Dinosaur Darts
Dinosaur Darts
Stone Age Olympics
Stone Age Olympics
Extinct Meteor Game
Extinct Game
Free Dinosaur Game plop
Ninja Game
Have a nice day, Ninja
Jurassic Park Tetris
Jurassic Park Tetris Game
Bimmin Running Game
Run Bimmin!
Dinok Game
Dinok Strategy Game
Stone Punk
Stone Punk Ride
Jurassic Drive
Jurassic Drive Game
Dino Dream
Dino's Dream
Night At The Museum Game
Night at the Museum
Caveman Slingshot
Free Caveman Game
Dinosaur Pinball
Dinosaur Pinball
Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur Eggs
Dragon Hunt
Dragon Hunt
Dinosaur Card Game
Dinosaur Card Game
Dinosaur Drawing Challenge
Draw a Dinosaur
Power Rangers
Power Rangers
Dino Soars
Dino Soars Egg Game

Well, that was a huge list of free dinosaur games to play. We really hope you enjoyed our collection and it would be good to see you back soon.


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