Download the Flash player in order to see this Dinosaur Animation.
Download the Flash player in order to see this Dinosaur Animation.
Download the Flash player in order to see this Dinosaur Animation.

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Dinosaur Fighter - Free Dinosaur Game

Fly above the city and help them get rid of the dinosaurs.

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Another inaccurate representation of the dinosaur world. Firstly, the plot takes place in a city. Or at least the coloured boxes suggest that it might be a city and the mountains suggest that it might be Denver, however, there are no coloured skyskrapers in Denver, so I don't really know. Anyway, you are the turbo dinoman and your mission is to rid Denver of dinosaurs. There are two types of inaccurately represented dinosaurs - one carnivorous bipedal and another one flying dinosaur. They both will breathe flames, which suggest they might be dragons and not dinosaurs. Your goal is to kill as many dinosaurs/dragons as you can. The graphics and the plot are both terrible but if you don't have anything better to do, you might as well give this free dinosaur game a go because it is quite funny after all.

If you get bored just position the dinoman in the very middle of the game board and go for a tea break. I bet he will still be flying.


Game Controls: up and down arrows, change your altitude;
Spacebar - kill the dinosaurs;

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Please note that these free dinosaur games are not meant for educational purpose. They are displayed for your enjoyment. The copyright belongs to the creator of the game. Please refer to the flash game menu to find out more.


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