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Dinosaur Extinction Hit Antartica

Published: 30th May 2016

66 million years ago it was not just the naon-avian dinosaurs that became extinct, many other species also suffered the same fate.…Read more...

Dinosaurs Declining Before Extinction

Published: 20th Apr 2016

Dinosaurs had been in decline for about 50 millions of years before the mass extinction happened at the end of the Cretaceous according…Read more...

Extinction of Dinosaurs linked to Malaria

Published: 2nd Apr 2016

The oldest strain of malaria has been discovered in a biting midge preserved in amber that dates back some 100 million years. Known…Read more...

Evolution of a Top Predator – T rex

Published: 15th Mar 2016

A new discovery of a dinosaur the size of a horse in northern Uzbekistan could revolutionise our understanding of the early development…Read more...

Drilling into Extinction

Published: 13th Mar 2016

Scientists are planning to drill into the Chicxulub crater formed by the impact of the asteroid that helped to wipe out the dinosaurs.…Read more...