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Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved In Amber!

Published: 9th Dec 2016

A tail of a 99 million year old dinosaur has been found in northern Myanmar. The tail preserved in amber is intact including bones,…Read more...

How Close Is Your Christmas Turkey To The Dinosaurs?

Published: 7th Dec 2016

The evolutionary history of birds as dinosaurs is quite apparent, even in a turkey on your Christmas table. In recent years the discovery…Read more...

Did the dinosaur killing asteroid put a hole in the earth’s crust?

Published: 2nd Dec 2016

Researchers are currently trying to prove if the dinosaur-killing asteroid not only killed the dinosaurs but also put a hole in the…Read more...

Dinosaurs Get Royal Approval

Published: 23rd Nov 2016

Prince George lves dinosaurs and his favourite is T rex because it is the “noisiest and the scariest” says his mother…Read more...

First Fossilised Dinosaur Brain Found in England

Published: 16th Nov 2016

A fossil discovered 12 years ago on the beach at Bexhill-on-sea, in Sussex, has been identified as the first fossilized dinosaur brain.…Read more...