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Scientists Discover First Live Birth Evidence In Dinosaur Relative

Published: 15th Feb 2017

Originally all found examples of reproduction of the group known as Archosauromorpha (which includes dinosaurs, crocodiles and birds),…Read more...

Giant Winged Predators could of Eaten Dinosaurs

Published: 8th Feb 2017

The Pterosaurs were thought to be the size of overgrown cranes that caught rat sized pray and swallowed them hole. However new fossils…Read more...

Did The Dinosaurs Die A Cold, Dark Death?

Published: 3rd Feb 2017

        There have been many theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Scientists have hypothesized that…Read more...

Preserved Protein Found in 195 Million Year Old Dinosaur Bone

Published: 1st Feb 2017

The findings of soft tissue help to provide insights into the biology of dinosaurs. This latest discovery pushes back the oldest evidence…Read more...

How long did it take for dinosaur's to hatch?

Published: 4th Jan 2017

​We used to look at the hatching times of birds and other similar sized eggs, (which hatch relatively quickly) as an indication…Read more...