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Giant T rex at Smithsonian

Published: 24th Apr 2014

A giant skeleton of T rex has been on the move from the Museum of the Rockies, Montana to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. Fedex Custom Critcial were tasked with moving the beast. This gave Fedex around-the-clock tracking, temperature and pressure monitoring, plus constant surveillance from a remote security command centre.

The Smithsonian has wanted a T rex since the 1990s and now ‘Big Mike’ as this T rex is know is on loan for the next 50 years. Big Mike was discovered by Montana rancher Kathy Wankle in 1988 in the Hell Creek Formation. It is one of the most complete T rexs ever discovered and will form the centrepiece of the Smithsonian’s new dinosaur hall due to open in 2019.