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Scientists Discover First Live Birth Evidence In Dinosaur Relative

Published: 15th Feb 2017

Originally all found examples of reproduction of the group known as Archosauromorpha (which includes dinosaurs, crocodiles and birds), indicated that they lay eggs.

However a new examination has uncovered evidence of live births. The examination of the fossil remains of a 245 million year old marine reptile from China with a very long neck, revealed that it was carrying an embryo.

Image of an adult Dinocephalosaurus.

These fossilized animals known as Dinocephalosaurus would have measured between three and four meters long, with a neck that was about 1.7 meters long. The embryo was found positioned inside the rib cage and measured about half a meter long.

After a number of checks to ensure the found animal wasn’t from one of the dinocephalosaurus meals, they found that the embryo was the same species as the mother.

This discovery proves that there is no biological barrier between live births and the Archosauromorpha group.

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