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Beautifully Camouflaged Dinosaur

Published: 16th Sep 2016

An exquisitely preserved fossil of the dinosaur Psittacosaurus reveals the most elaborate dinosaur ‘paint job’ ever seen.…Read more...

Did Dinosaurs Coo Like a Dove

Published: 20th Jul 2016

Everybody knows that predatory dinosaurs roared, but could they also have made other noises such as cooing like a common pigeon. New…Read more...

New Short Stubby Armed Dinosaur Discovered

Published: 14th Jul 2016

T rex is no longer the only dinosaur to have strange short arms with two fingered claws. A new dinosaur has been found in the fossil…Read more...

Amber Preserves Dinosaur Era Bird's Wings

Published: 29th Jun 2016

Two wings from ancient birds that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs have been found preserved in amber. The incredible finds…Read more...

Dinosaurs and Mammals Near Extinction

Published: 23rd Jun 2016

New research shows that the meorite that caused the extinction of non avaian dinosaurs also nearly casused the extinction of mammals.…Read more...