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Brontosaurus Rises Like a Phoenix

Published: 8th Apr 2015

First discovered in the 1870s Brontosaurus had a short live as as an individual species. In 1903 scientists ruled that Brontosaurus…Read more...

Plaster Cast is an Ichthyosaur

Published: 24th Feb 2015

For 30 years a specimen was in store at Dioncaster Museum believed to be a plaster cast. Then on closer study it was revealed that…Read more...

Oldest Horned Dinosaur in America Found

Published: 11th Dec 2014

The skull of the oldest horned dinosaur in North America has been discovered.  The tiny skull was only 8.4cm long and could easily…Read more...

Dinosaur Wedding

Published: 2nd Dec 2014

Dinomania surfaces in all shapes and forms and one Australian who had been mad on dinosaurs since a child decided to introduce his…Read more...

‘Beer Bellied’ Dinosaur

Published: 14th Nov 2014

What most be the weirdiest looking dinosaur has been discovered in Mongolia. Originally a few bones were discovered in 1965 showing…Read more...