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Auction of Allosaurus skeleton

Published: 25th Nov 2015

The skeleton of a juvenile Allosaurus goes up for auction today at the West Sussex auctioneers of Summers Place Auctions in Billingshurst.…Read more...

T rex was a Cannibal

Published: 21st Nov 2015

A Tyrannosaur bone recently found in Wyoming, USA, exhibits several strange grooves along its surface. These grooves indicate that…Read more...

Giant Raptor Fossil Discovered

Published: 10th Nov 2015

Palaeontologists hasve discovered the fossilised remains of one of the largest raptors known in South Dakota, USA. It comes from the…Read more...

Flying Dinosaurs!

Published: 2nd Nov 2015

The National Guard were called in to assist with the removal of some Pentaceratops remains from the wilderness of New Mexico. The…Read more...

New Ostrich-like Dinosaur Discovered

Published: 28th Oct 2015

A new species of Ornithomimid dinosaur, named Tototlmimus packardensis, has been discovered in northern Mexico. Tototimimus lived…Read more...