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A New Alaskan Dinosaur

Published: 23rd Sep 2015

Researchers have discovered a new type of iinosaur that is peculiar to Alaska. It was a type of duck-billed hadrosaur and grew up…Read more...

What colour are Dinosaurs?

Published: 16th Sep 2015

Not much more than 5 years this question would not have been able to be answered. However recent research has shown that structures…Read more...

Allosaurus Skeleton could sell for £500,000 at Auction

Published: 14th Sep 2015

The skeleton of a young Allosaurus, originally discovered at a quarry in Wyoming in the US is set to go up for auction in November.…Read more...

Dinosaur 'Tanks' and their Tail Clubs

Published: 3rd Sep 2015

A new study has looked at the development of the ferocius tail club in dinosaurs like Ankylosaurus and its cousins. Early members…Read more...

Football Playing Dinosaur!

Published: 28th Aug 2015

Aresnal's Theo Walcott and Mikel Arteta are the latest soccer stars to take on the Dizzy Challenge, which is the latest publicity…Read more...