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Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaurs

Published: 23rd Jan 2016

David Attenborough features the amazing story of the world’s largest dinosaur on BBC1 on January 24th. Starting with the discovery…Read more...

Dancing Dinosaurs

Published: 14th Jan 2016

It seems some predatory theropod dinosaurs used fancy footwork to try to attract a mate. Palaeontologists have found numerous dinosaur…Read more...

Actor Returns Smuggled Dinosaur to Mongolia

Published: 27th Dec 2015

Academy Award Winning actor Nicholas Cage has agreed to return a skull of a Tarbosaurus bataar. He had bought the dinosaur fossil,…Read more...

Hundreds of Dinosaur Footprints on Skye

Published: 1st Dec 2015

Hundreds of Dinosaur footprints have been discovered on the Isle of Skye, off the coast of Scotland. The 170 million year old prehistoric…Read more...

Auction of Allosaurus skeleton

Published: 25th Nov 2015

The skeleton of a juvenile Allosaurus goes up for auction today at the West Sussex auctioneers of Summers Place Auctions in Billingshurst.…Read more...