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‘Beer Bellied’ Dinosaur

Published: 14th Nov 2014

What most be the weirdiest looking dinosaur has been discovered in Mongolia. Originally a few bones were discovered in 1965 showing…Read more...

Hedgehog Dinosaur

Published: 29th Oct 2014

An Ankylosaur dinosaur has been given a new name – Zaraapelta nomadis. The dinosaur was first discovered in Mongolia in 2000…Read more...

New Predatory Dinosaur in Venezuela

Published: 8th Oct 2014

Remains of a new species of dinosaur has been discovered high up in the Andes mountains of Venezuela. It has been named Tachiraptor…Read more...

Proof Positive – Birds are Dinosaurs

Published: 26th Sep 2014

New discoveries of avian dinosaurs in China made by the ‘Indiana Jones’ of palaeontology, Xu Xing, and extensive research…Read more...

New King of Dinosaurs

Published: 25th Sep 2014

Dinosaurs have had been given some some pretty fantastic names over the years, but a newly discovered dinosaur must trump the lot.…Read more...